Introduction to React

Introduction to React JS

A complete introduction to React - up and running with React by learning tooling that improves your development workflow, React core API, and common how-to e.g. making ajax calls, writing tests, and code splitting.

This repo outlines the content of the workshop - please refer to this repo for the code-along sample of this workshop.


This workshop assumes that:

  • you have at least basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS. If you know how to add a button element in a HTML and a script tag to make clicking the button do something interactive like a popup, then you're good to go.
  • you have basic idea of what a source-control system is. This workshop will use git, but you won't be expected to know how to use it. Exact git command will be provided so you to copy and paste during the workshop.


To avoid the workshop time being spent on downloading and installing tools, make sure you have the following software installed before the workshop starts:

  • node.js and npm (Download)
  • git (Download)
  • VS code (Download) - you can use other editor if you wish, but when discussing editor integration, this workshop will focus on VS code only.